Symphonia Tribe

A tribe of nomads and vagabonds, the Symphonians have long wandered Keldria as their own sovereign society. While their faith is primarily based on nature, each individual tribesman have come from many walks of life, belonged to a wide variety of races, and worshipped any number of different deities; The Symphonia Tribe simply emphasizes keeping balance between the forces of the world.


A Tribe Chieftain is elected to lead the tribe after the death of the last. This is the only position of power the tribe exercises. Though, should the Chieftain wed a spouse, their husband/wife will also be elevated to Tribe Chieftain status. Tribe leaders decide the direction the community will head, how long they stay, and pass judgment on those accused of breaking tribal dogma, etc.

Naming Conventions

All members of the Symphonia tribe are given an additional surname, reflecting their relation to the clan. An individual who identifies him/herself as "de'Symphonia," means he/she was born into the tribe. By contrast, one with the clan name "di'Symphonia," has been officially accepted into the tribe. Lastly, those that possess the clan name "na'Symphonia," have either left the tribe of their own accord or, if they have an x-shaped scar on their right cheek, were exiled.

Symphonia Tribe

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