Grand Zenith Regulatory Senate

The Grand Zenith Regulatory Senate (Commonly referred to as simply "the Senate") is a council of 15 legal representatives that decide regulations for both the city of Zenith and, on occasion, the entire continent of Keldria.

Nationwide laws passed are to be followed by all people within Keldria as written. To ensure the written law is observed, regular Senate-sanctioned inspections are performed on a monthly-to-bimonthly basis for most major cities. Should everything check out, that city's government receives extra gold meant for city upkeep, such as road repair or renovation. If a city feels a new regulation unfairly affects them, they are allowed to appeal to the Senate in an attempt to grant them exception. However, between making the trip to Zenith, waiting for your scheduled appearance before the Senate, and the high price for lodging within Zenith, most city officials choose to simply adapt to the new law rather than deal with the appeal process.

Current Senate Members

The Grand Zenith Regulatory Senate is comprised of 11 elected Senators and 4 Apprentices chosen by the Senators.

  • Ilith Qintersol (♀ Elf)

    • Believes in the market guiding itself.
  • Garbo Disterhoff (♂ Halfling)

    • Observed that he only ran for the seat for the money and fame.
  • Tarkus Brünhammer (♂ Dwarf)

    • 3rd straight generation Brünhammer Senator deeply seated in tradition and dwarven pride.
  • Ta'Lemika Joyour (♀ Human)

    • Concerned with architecture, history preservation, and art.
  • Eirivold "Eir" Z'Torris na'Symphonia (♂ Human)

    • Exiled Symphonian; Weighs the precedence any given decision could set.
  • Nakmor Gaust (♂ Dragonborne)

    • Diversity-centric ideals, but weak backbone.

    • Formerly filled by Hugor "The Ogre" Molkyne
  • Toth Gorish (♀ Half-Orc)

    • Blunt, but people-centric; Slightly sexist.
  • Vyllé Scattersong (♀ Half-Elf)

    • Former Bodhai priestess; Very wishywashy.
  • Aldin Razil (♂ Human)

    • Alchemist who puts R&D first; Easily startled.
  • Yukino Estrella (♀ Gnome)

    • Militaristic and wise-cracking.

Grand Zenith Regulatory Senate

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