Tigra Tarly

Gossipy Human Bartender of the Corsair


Tigra was amongst the group of five that put an end to the Butcher King Murders 8 years ago. Since then, she has had quite an eventful journey within Keldria. Originally returning to her profession of treasure hunting and pirating on the high seas, she rose to captain her own ship (“Man O’ War” within 18 months. Her run as captain lasted only 6 months, however. When an especially dangerous expedition nearly cost the lives of her crew and herself, she voluntarily stepped down from her position.

Going ashore in Ravenport, she eventually found herself staying in Dytrovius Town. Taking out a loan, Tigra opened her own bar and inn – The Corsair (Home of the “Helmsplitting Headache”). Years went by. She adapted to Dive Town’s shady nature.

However, her plans took a turn for the unexpected when a run-in with a mob of wights that were sent to kill her one recent night. Were it not for the troupe of adventurers staying at the inn, she would surely have perished. At the urging of Ur’got Sirok, Tigra has sold her establishment and is now making the long, winding trek along the Great Road of Keldria to Castle White Hand, hoping to start anew there.

Tigra Tarly

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