Elf Maiden Spirit Dwelling within Brah'vüt's Holy Symbol


When Brah’vüt discovered a holy symbol atop the Pyrus Mountains, he encountered a silver-haired Elf introducing herself as Tamara. For some time, she taught the Dragonborn Paladin in the ways meditation, herbology, and the faith of Bahamut.

Upon the 5th year, Brah’vüt grew restless to spread the word of Bahamut and help do good throughout Keldria. His Elven teacher smiled and directed him to the nearby town of Aratoga to start his journey the next day. Upon awakening that morning, however, Brah’vüt could find no trace of his mentor, save for the holy symbol.

After Brah’vüt nearly died to a cult of Tiamat worshipers, Tamara appeared to her pupil once again. Revealing that she has been a spirit possessing his holy symbol for as long as she can recall, Tamara explained that the shock of nearly losing his life drew her out of dormancy.

Now accompanying Brah’vüt along his quest, Tamara has entrusted her student to help search for anything that might hint at her lost past.


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