Lyrica Crescenda na'Symphonia

Human Commander of the Elnatan Army


Lyrica commands a high degree of respect among the Elnatan people, having kept the city streets rather crime free for the past 4 years. She serves on Lady Karris Merryweather’s board of advisors, acting as her chief military consultant.

Famous for her no-nonsense work ethic, Lyrica isn’t often seen out on the town outside of her job, leading many to believe she lives only for her work. However, as those close to her will attest, the Elnatan commander has quite the soft spot for those she cares for.

Rumor has it she has a secret fascination with Unicorns, but this may very well be mischievous gossip started by her friend/1st lieutenant Genelle Kirago, like the rumor that Lyrica is currently dating a half-orc named Ur’got Sirok.

Lyrica Crescenda na'Symphonia

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