Creedence Stillwater

Human Bard, Con Man, and Puppetmaster of Ravenport


Creedence has always had a gift with music since he was a child. Growing up a poor child under his uncle Mick’s care, the two would perform songs out in the plaza to earn extra income. As Creedence honed his singing growing up, his voice would draw more of a crowd, earning them more coin. By the time he was 13, Creedence left his hometown in northern Keldria to keep everything he earned, believing his uncle to now be leech upon his own talents.

However, despite having both the vocal and musical talent, the aspiring entertainer struggled to make a name for himself in the bigger cities like Zenith and Elnata. Over the course of 6 months, he failed to make back the money he was spending in order to attend the larger city festivals and higher class establishments. Close to penniless, he happened upon an idea: Just because he was not a famous musician did not mean he could convince others that he is.

And so, Creedence began lying to get what he wanted. He would lead other bards into believing he was an infamous singer/songwriter who saw the talent inside them. Building them up with promises of “making it big,” he used his people skills to have them pay for his meals and for their concerts at festivals, all under the pretense of “proving their commitment to the band.” Then, when their gold had dried up, he would skip town and move on to the next. One such victim of his game was Rhadamanthus Cage, whom he left to take the blame during a city vault heist.

This tactic has also, ironically, prevented him from becoming well known in any given city, keeping him a ghost wherever he went. Though, if rumor is to be believed, Creedence now dwells somewhere in the southeastern portion of Keldria…

Creedence Stillwater

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