Cilinyth Kabrakkan

Human Nomad Barbarian of the Symphonia Tribe


Cilinyth Kabrakkan was born to the Jer’rul a nomadic tribe of barbarians living off the land. Lead a normal nomadic life. Grew into the pinnacle of what a strong young man should become, had even picked a woman to spend the rest of his life with. Tragedy struck when an unknown assailant destroyed his tribe. Cilinyth was spared when he got caught up in his tent and knocked unconscious.

He awoke to a mass of death. After burying the dead and saying a small prayer, he did the only thing he knew, continued travelling. He came upon some like minded folk, the Symphonia tribe. They took him on as they had taken on many others. He still had some residual issues. He almost attacked the members of his new tribe and knew he had to change something. He has since dedicated himself to curbing his rage. He took well the martial arts training. Hoping to use meditation and body training to turn the rage into something useful and less destructive, and to get rid off his tendency for grudges. To do so, he is going back to what he knows best: Traveling in search of trials to test himself.

Cilinyth Kabrakkan

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