Alam Monis

Human High Priest and Mayor of Aratoga


Monis was an orphan boy raised in the Bodhai Monastery since age 6. There, he trained in the ways of Bodhai Swordplay and met his future wife Melenea Ilado.

Monis was one of the individuals who helped put an end to the Butcher King Murders. His quest was originally meant to serve as an excuse to leave the monastery and escape the expectancy of becoming a Bodhai priest. However, seeing Zerris’ rampage first-hand only served to motivate him to spread the peaceful teachings of the monastery.

Known to be level-headed, kind, and intelligent, Monis’ patience is seemingly unlimited. However, his good-nature oftentimes makes it easy for others to exploit him. Thanks to the support and efforts of his beloved Melanea, Monis has not only risen to the status of high priest of the Bodhai, but they also reconstructed his formerly destroyed hometown of Aratoga. Joining him in these efforts was Sogaalmulviing Brah’vüt. Monis was shocked when the townsfolk elected him as their mayor, but so far, his governing has gone well.

Alam Monis

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